Is the GDPR’s Bark Bigger than its Bite?

Is the GDPR’s Bark Bigger than its Bite? by Zach Day on 10/21/2018 The landmark EU regulation, formally called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, took effect on May 25, 2018. Among other protections, GDPR grants “data subjects” with a bundle of new rights and placed an increased obligation on companies who collect and use the data. Firms were… [Read more...]

Unknown Knowns

Unknown Knowns by Anonymous on 10/21/2018 Image Credit: Donald Rumsfeld during Department of Defense News Briefing, February 12, 2002. The taxonomy of knowledge laid out by Rumsfeld in his much quoted new briefing conspicuously omits a fourth category: unknown knowns. In his critique of Rumsfeld’s analysis, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek defines the unknown knowns as “the disavowed beliefs… [Read more...]

GDPR Will Transform Insurance Industry’s Business Model

GDPR Will Transform Insurance Industry’s Business Model By Amit Tyagi | October 21, 2018 The European Union wide General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into force on May 25, 2018, with significant penalties for non-compliance. In one sweep, GDPR harmonizes data protection rules across the EU and gives greater rights to individuals over how their data is used. GDPR… [Read more...]

What do GDPR and the #MeToo Movement Have in Common?

What do GDPR and the #MeToo Movement Have in Common? By Asher Sered | October 21, 2018 At first glance it might be hard to see what the #MeToo movement has in common with the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), the new monumental European regulation that governs the collection and analysis of commercially collected data. One is a 261 page… [Read more...]

Workplace monitoring

Workplace monitoring by Anonymous on September 30, 2018 We never intended to build a pervasive workplace monitoring system – We just wanted to replace a clunky system of shared spreadsheets and email. Our new system was intended to track customer orders as they moved through the factory. Workers finding a problem in the production process could quickly check order history… [Read more...]

May we recommend…some Ethics?

May we recommend…some Ethics? by Jessica Hays | September 30, 2018 The internet today is awash with recommender systems. Some pop to mind quickly – like Netflix’s suggestions of shows to binge, or Amazon’s nudges towards products you may like. These tools use your personal history on their site, along with troves of data from other users, to predict… [Read more...]

Mapping the Organic Organization

Mapping the Organic Organization Thoughts on the development of a Network Graph for your company Creating the perfect organization for a business is hard. It has to maintain alignment of goals and vision, enable the movement of innovation and ideas, develop the products and services and deliver them, apply the processes and controls needed to remain disciplined, safe and sustainable,… [Read more...]

Content Integrity and the Dubious Ethics of Censorship

Content Integrity and the Dubious Ethics of Censorship By Aidan Feay | September 30th, 2018 In the wake of Alex Jones’ exile from every social media platform, questions about censorship and content integrity are swirling around the web. Platforms like Jones’ Infowars propagate misinformation under the guise of genuine journalism while serving a distinctly more sinister agenda. Aided by the… [Read more...]