How to Embed Videos in bCourses

BCourses has a 2GB storage limit. Furthermore, it takes a long time to upload videos directly to bCourses. The following instructions will help you embed videos in a bCourses module. This how-to is for videos that are hosted on Google Drive. Broader bCourse instructions can be found here.

Allow Public Access for Videos in Google Drive

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Cool stuff you can do in Zoom, really.

The I School has two online masters degrees: our MIDS program trains data scientists to manage and analyze the coming onslaught of big data, in a unique high-touch online degree; and, our MICS program prepares cybersecurity leaders with the technical skills and contextual knowledge necessary to develop solutions for complex cybersecurity challenges. I designed and taught Behind the Data: Humans… [Read more...]

For Students: Online Classroom Expectations


Class meetings that are conducted online provides students the opportunity to have a robust online learning experience. Not only are these meetings robust to whatever challenges the campus might be facing at the time (political unrest, wildfires, viral outbreaks), but more importantly, meeting online can be especially effective at creating small-group breakout opportunities that provide unique learning opportunities for students.  

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