Discriminatory practices in interest-based advertising

Discriminatory practices in interest-based advertising By Anonymous | June 26th, 2020 Economics and ethics The multi-billion dollar online advertising industry is incentivised to ensure that ad dollars convert into sales, or at least high click-through rates. Happy clients equate to healthy revenues. The way to realize this goal is to match the right pair of eyeballs for each ad –… [Read more...]

Zoom Tips: Move Co-Host Between Breakouts, and Show Zoom Windows During Screen Share

I recently learned about two important Zoom features.
1) Move Co-Host Between Breakouts
You may have colleague (e.g. teaching assistant, graduate student instructor, etc.) assist you during live session. In particular, you may want to assign them to move between breakout rooms to help students if they get stuck on a concept, and to make sure students stay on-topic. You… [Read more...]

Data-driven policy making in the Era of ‘Truth Decay’

Data-driven policy making in the Era of ‘Truth Decay’ By Silvia Miramontes-Lizarraga Through the advances of digital technology, it has been made possible to collect, store and analyze large amounts of data that contain information of various subjects of interest, otherwise known as Big Data. One of the effects of this field is the increase in data-driven methods for decision… [Read more...]

Police Shootings: A Closer Look at Unarmed Fatalities

Police Shootings: A Closer Look at Unarmed Fatalities By Anonymous Last year, fifty-five people were killed by police shootings while “unarmed.” This number comes from the Washington Post dataset of fatal police shootings, which is aggregated by “local news reports, law enforcement websites and social media” as well as other independent databases. In this dataset, the recorded weapons that victims… [Read more...]

Digital Equity

Digital Equity By Anusha Praturu | June 19, 2020 It’s no secret that in 2020, it is becoming increasingly difficult to participate in modern society without some level of access and literacy with basic technologies, the Internet being chief among them. And with the widespread growth of WiFi hotspots, smartphones, and other Internet-capable devices, it’s becoming easier for most of… [Read more...]