Zoom Tips: Move Co-Host Between Breakouts, and Show Zoom Windows During Screen Share

I recently learned about two important Zoom features.
1) Move Co-Host Between Breakouts
You may have colleague (e.g. teaching assistant, graduate student instructor, etc.) assist you during live session. In particular, you may want to assign them to move between breakout rooms to help students if they get stuck on a concept, and to make sure students stay on-topic. You must first designate them as a co-host (scroll down to Using co-host in a meeting) to enable your colleague to move between breakouts on their own. Next, assign the co-host to a particular breakout room. Once they are in a breakout room, they can move between rooms on their own.
2) Show Zoom Windows
During Screen Share
Normally, you cannot see the Zoom windows when you initiate a screen share. This is usually fine because you may not want Zoom to block the content you want to display; however, you may have a reason to display the Zoom windows. This feature may be helpful if you want to show a fellow instructor how you use Zoom during live session, or if you want to show a teaching assistant how you would like them to help you manage live session. Go to Settings → Share Screen → Show Zoom windows during screen share. Now you can share your desktop and the participants can see the entire contents of your desktop, including the Zoom windows. If you screen share and choose a particular window, you will not see the Zoom windows.