Sava Saheli Singh


Post Written By: Shazeda Ahmed 

On February 10th, the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group (AFOG) hosted Sava Saheli Singh, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa. Saheli Singh screened three short fictional films she and colleagues at the Surveillance Studies Centre of Queen’s University produced about the unexpected social consequences of surveillance technologies … [Read more...]

Hello Berkeley!

My name is Taylor and I’m an incoming student of the Master of Information and Data Science program. My current research interests are natural language understanding and generation. Reach me at ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@rolyat!… [Read more...]

Using Crowdsourcing to address Disparities in Police Reported Data: Addressing Challenges in Technology and Community Engagement

This is a project update from a CTSP project from 2017: Assessing Race and Income Disparities in Crowdsourced Safety Data Collection (with Kate BeckAditya Medury, and Jesus M. Barajas) Project Update This work has led to the development of Street Story, a community engagement tool that collects street safety information from the public, through UC… [Read more...]

Halloween Cuckoo Clock

Team: Azin Mirzaagha, Patrick Barin, Yunjie Yao   Description Create a “Cuckoo Clock” mechanics. Cuckoo Clock typically has an automaton of the bird that appears through a small trap door while the clock is striking.   Components Used
  • Plywood
  • wood beams
  • wood pieces
  • rubber bands
  • Small hinge
  • wood squares
  • tape
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  Halloween Cuckoo Clock   We created a [Read more...]