This course provides an introduction to the field of Human-Computer Interaction and how to apply human-centered design principles to find problems and solutions that meet real needs. Students learn to apply design thinking to User Experience (UX) design, prototyping, and evaluation as well as specific topic areas within Human-Computer Interaction including ubiquitous and social computing. The course has an emphasis on communicating design in a compelling and effective manner. Students create a final design portfolio to showcase their projects and unique approach to design.

Student Portfolios

Helen Li
Selah: A New Museum Experience

Ananya Nandy
Seek: the job application process re-imagined

Cameron Lopez
Seek: The Job-Finding App

Isabella Dyc-O’Neal
FriendTime: Strengthening the connection between long-distance friendships

Jiexin Lyu
Friendtime: Reconnect friends back again!

Michelle Hwang
Selah Wristband

Jonathan Gong
A Platform for Environmental Volunteering

Jah’rel Moyenda
Helping Tides & Is that… Comic Sans?

Bowen Wei
Selah: a better museum experience |

Phoebe Pumilia
Good Samaritan app

Romina Mazooji
Large College-Level Courses

Ryan Yenchen Liu

Wilson Wang
Volunteer opportunity for environmental preservation

Xinyu Li
Update LOVE

Yi Chua
Minimalize: The phone notifications management app

Andrew Chen
A Platform for Environmental Volunteering

Prakhar Chandna
STIR: Experimenting with Cooking

Christoph Moser
Seek – The Job-Finding App

Kimberly Hirsch
Good Samaritan

Ashley Nguyen
Helping Tides

Fredrik Waaler
Making the cooking-experience better for people who cook.

Junyu Chen
New ideas on how to use familiar ingredients in cooking.

Zirou Ma
Large College-Level Courses

Vibhor Sehgal

Daniel Haim
Large College-Level Courses

Sneha Chowdhary
Good Samaritan app