This course is a survey of technologies that power the user interfaces of web applications on a variety of devices today, including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. This course will delve into some of the core Front-End languages and frameworks (HTML/CSS/JS/React), as well as the underlying technologies enable web applications (HTTP, URI, JSON). The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the technical issues surrounding user interfaces powered by the web today, and to provide a solid and comprehensive perspective of the Web’s constantly evolving landscape.


The content for this class is inspired by the Web Architecture class taught by Jim Blomo (jblomo)


Assignments (40%), Labs (10%) Group Project (50%)

  • Late assignments will be deducted 5 points each day they are late.
  • If there are any issues please contact me asap


Week of August 24th:
Week of August 31st:
Week of September  7th:
Week of September  14th:
Week of September  21th:
Week of September  28th:
Week of October 5th:
Week of October 12th:
Week of October 19th:


Week of October 26th:
Week of November 2nd:
  • Class Prep: TBD
  • Monday: Lecture – Anatomy of a web server ( Slides | Recording )
  • Wednesday: Lecture – Webserver Programming I ( Slides | Recording )
  • Friday: Lecture/Demo – Webserver Programming II ( Slides | Recording )
    • No Lab
Week of November 9th:
Week of November 16th:
  • Class Prep: TBD
  • Monday: Demo – More NextJS III ( Code | Recording )
  • Wednesday: Demo – More NextJS IV ( Recording )
    • Assign 2 due
  • Friday: Demo – More NextJS V ( Code | Recording )
Week of November 23rd:
  • Class Prep: N/A
  • Monday: – Final Demo ( Recording )
  • Wednesday: No Class
  • Friday: No Class
Week of November 30th:
  • Class Prep: N/A
  • Monday: Final Presentations ( Recording )
  • Wednesday: Final Presentations
  • Friday: Final Presentations
    • Group Project due