Project: Build something awesome

Project: Build something awesome

For this project you will accomplish the following

  • Build an application of your choosing with yourself and some of your classmates
  • Learn how to collaborate to build a single application
  • Show off your skills

The project is split into two parts

  • Part I: Defining your project and building your teams
  • Part II: Implementing your project idea, presenting to the class, and writing about it

Your team of 4-5 people (non-negotiable, no groups of 1, 2, or 3) must complete the following

  • Think of a front end web application that you would like to build
  • Build the front end web application that you came up with
  • Utilize at least one external API
  • Demo the front end web application and present it to the rest of the class
  • Submit a write-up that consists of a description of the web application that was built

Part I

Split into teams of 4-5 and submit a project idea

  • Note: one person on your team please create your repo by clicking on this link and invite the rest of your team to it
  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Each team must have at least 4 people. If need be I will form teams.
  • Each team needs to come up with the front end web application that they would like to build. Here are some examples:
    • A Todo application
    • The game of chess
  • We will take a look at initial drafts of the web application that you have chosen to build and comment on the feasibility of your project idea and return with comments
  • We will send a github classroom link to each group to create your own repository
  • Be sure to start this project and add all of the people in your group to the same repository

Part II

Build your application

  • Each team will have one repository where they will push their changes
  • This could be the first time you were not the only users in your own repository. Beware of merge conflicts and editing the same file with someone else
  • git pull often

Prepare and deliver for your presentation at the end of class

  • Prep for a 10 minute presentation, and 5 minutes for questions
  • You are allowed¬†5 slides¬†for your presentation. The majority of the demo should be the application itself
  • There will be a deduction if more than 5 slides are used in the presentation
  • Ensure that all of your changes are pushed to your Github Repository

Write reflections paper

  • Save it as in your repo
  • A description of what your project does and the functionality that it provides
  • What do you learn from this project? Briefly let us know your thoughts.